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With over four decades of experience in all levels of specialty retail management, Michael Castelli, has truly lived and learned all aspects of the sales industry. His business career began at the age of 18 — and he hasn't looked back since. Michael began his professional life as a stock clerk while attending Polytechnic University in Brooklyn, New York; however, his motivation, drive, and goal-focused personality quickly propelled him to higher ranks. He has worked as a Sales Representative, a Retail Store Manager, District Manager, Region Director, a Vice President, and an Executive Vice President experienced in Sales and Operations, as well as, Business Development.

Michael’s intimate knowledge, encompassing all levels of the retail industry provide him with a very unique perspective as it pertains to overcoming business obstacles, professional development and driving profitable sales growth.  

Always believing that “family comes first”, Michael considers himself a husband & father first and foremost and an executive leader second. Michael has led sales teams of more than 1,600 retail stores with total revenues in excess of $1.6 billion and 6,500 employees. Michael’s four decades in retail, coupled with his “life experience” — backed by his impressive credentials, copious awards, and proven performance history — makes him an ideal business consultant and professional coach for companies of all sizes nationwide.

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Michael & Son, Nick Castelli
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