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Susan Kane

For my entire 17-year tenure at RadioShack, Michael Castelli has set the gold standard; developing the most successful teams, creating the most important programs, and winning the most awards. Most recently, as his direct report, I was able to benefit directly from his passion for excellence. Michael is a solutions oriented leader who truly sees every challenge as an opportunity.

Michael is vigilant in his attention to the shadow he casts as a leader. He always asks questions and actively listens to even the newest associates; valuing all team members as not just employees, but as people. He teaches all new leaders that to lead, you must first respect.

It is a privilege to work with Michael, and his level of professionalism and his unwavering commitment to achievement will significantly enrich any organization.

Pat Devlin

I worked closely with Michael when he was a RadioShack executive....he was a quality partner that I highly respected....he was constantly in the field inspecting what he expected, all the while seeing how he could help his team achieve more. Michael was tough but fair.......he is a very strong executive leader

Jim Hamilton

Michael was one of the most successful Divisional Vice Presidents at RadioShack. He was loved, admired and highly respected by his team and his peers. Michael is always upbeat and does't even understand the meaning of failure. He is a great team player and leader and mentor to many. He will be an asset on any team....but only if you want to WIN!

Mary Lee Hafley

Michael Castelli served on the Board of Directors for The Women's Shelter which later became SafeHaven of Tarrant County following a merger. As the CEO, I found Michael instinctively understood his role to be that of leveraging his network to benefit our clients, domestic violence victims. He provided extraordinary support for the agency during his tenure and even beyond. The leadership skills he displays professionally worked equally well in the board room. He became a true advocate for domestic violence victims just as he is a true advocate for his company, staff and business clients.

Pamela Rhattigan

Few people have the opportunity to meet someone and in such a short period of time, know that this individual will be a lifelong coach and mentor. That is the experience I had when I had the unusual pleasure of meeting Michael. Michael’s company was looking to acquire our company. Regardless of the circumstances, we worked together professionally, with the goal, if it came down to it, of providing a smooth transaction for everyone. It was a very positive working experience. Michael is a leader in all aspects of the word. He is relentless, smart, and talented and is an expert and leader in the wireless and telecommunications industry. If I'm not working for or alongside Michael one day, I will continue to utilize him as an invaluable resource and appreciate the guidance and support he has provided me.

Alison Ray

I have had the pleasure to work with Michael for the past 5 years. His energy, vision, sense of humor and ability to get the job done ranks him as an exceptional leader and professional. Michael has this innate ability to reach people on both a professional and personal level by understanding their strengths and weaknesses and then helping them develop their skill set so that they can achieve the impossible. It just comes so naturally to him which is what I admire the most. I’ve watched him inspire others to reach their full potential by pushing them past their comfort zone and into the zone of excellence. His tireless energy and infinite enthusiasm is a motivating force. He’s dedicated, passionate, and driven and one of the best sales leaders I know in the industry.

Ursula Warnick

I have had the pleasure of working with Michael for several years. Michael gives clear direction and the "why" behind initiatives to execute results. His dedication to helping his teams grow and succeed is evident in everything he does. Although these are all great traits, my favorite is that he always starts every conversation asking about you and your family. Michael truly cares about those in his life and wants the best for everyone. He is a dynamic, passionate, hands on leader with a "people first" mentality.

Sadruddin Currmbhoy

It is with great pleasure that I write a few words endorsing Michael Castelli. I worked with Michael at Prime Communications in Houston where he ran Sales and Operations and I oversaw the Alternate Channels division, which included online sales. This put me in the fortunate position of having to interact with Michael on a regular basis. Simply put, Michael is one of those rare individuals who is a game changer. His intelligence, emotional and otherwise, as well as his motivational skills are legendary, but his integrity and sensible disposition make him who he is. Michael impacted the very culture of the organization for very much the positive. It was my privilege to work with him. I recommend him very highly.

Kellee Feifer

I've had the great pleasure of working with Michael Castelli for many years. Michael is a tremendously respected and dedicated professional, with the highest degrees of ethics and integrity. Michael embodies the true spirit of what it takes to achieve the maximum results through the development and empowerment of his teams. Always seeking and taking the initiative to make a positive difference in both the business and the lives of others, Michael's passion and intensity to deliver comprehensive, detailed, and successful solutions to both internal and external customers is in fact, remarkable. Regardless of the challenge at hand, Michael is always motivational and inspiring, never allowing an opportunity to help others fade into the background. I highly recommend Michael Castelli to any organization.

Jeff Bland

I have known and worked with Michael throughout his career with RadioShack. He has held numerous management positions and excelled in each. Speaking from a Human resources perspective, Michael is a man of unquestionable integrity who treats his employees fairly and with compassion and dignity and gets results. I would not hesitate to recommend Michael to anyone.