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Let Michael Castelli motivate your team with “SUBSTANCE”!

I’m certain that at one time or another in your career you have sat through a motivational sales presentation.  In fact, if you’re in the sales profession, I’m certain you’ve probably attended quite a few sales seminars. The reality is some are actually very good.  They are uplifting, they make you “feel good.”  The speaker very often captivates the audience.  Now, ask yourself, “what did you actually take away from the presentation that will help you run your business?”  Sometimes the answer is, “not very much.”

Whenever you deliver a message to your team, whether that message is operational in nature or sales related, deliver it with “passion,” from your heart.  However, also deliver it with “substance.”  I call this, “motivating with substance.”  I’ll be happy to address your team on whatever sales related topic you are having issues with.  My fees are reasonable and my messages are based on real life, scenarios and experiences.  I’ll leave your team not only motivated…but inspired to do the little things RIGHT that will deliver the greatest return on time invested and profitable results!

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