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Leadership Advice For Aspiring Executive Leaders & Small Business Owners

Business Consulting from an Experienced Professional WITH over 40 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE

There's no better feeling than seeing one of your ideas come to life. At Castelli Consulting, I am passionate about turning your business ideas into full-fledged business ventures. Above all, I believe in offering sincere advice and guidance, straight from the heart. My primary objective is helping your company or professional career flourish. I’ll treat you like family and I’m confident you'll appreciate the refreshing, high-energy approach I take to business consulting. My passion comes through in every thought, recommendation or conversation. It’s genuine and based on real-life experience.

Tailored to Your Company

Nothing is worse than being treated like just another faceless number. At Castelli Consulting, I never employ a “cookie-cutter” approach. I take the time to get to know you, allowing me to suggest the best options for your success. After your free initial consultation, I’ll outline what a realistic coaching agenda should look like for your business. This meeting typically takes an hour to complete over the phone. After speaking with you, I’ll create a personalized curriculum designed to enhance the sales and profitability of your business or improve your professional skills.

Flexible Training Schedules

You lead a busy life, both at work and at home. In my opinion, family must always come first. It goes without saying that fitting training and coaching into your hectic schedule can be difficult. I’m proud to offer flexible training solutions, including webinars, phone sessions, and on-site classes. I’ll work with you to determine a strategy that best complements your schedule and compliments your personal priorities.

Castelli and WifeMichael & Wife, Laura Castelli

Business Enhancement

From young entrepreneurs to veteran executives, everyone involved in the business world faces both unique, as well as, similar challenges. When designing development packages, Castelli Consulting begins by building on a foundation based on common, “real-world” issues that I personally have encountered throughout my professional career. While products and services change over the years, fundamental issues typically remain the same. Whether you're looking to start a business from scratch or re-evaluate your current company, Castelli Consulting is sure to have a business coaching strategy that works for you.

Here are some of the many areas Castelli Consulting can help you with…

Enhancing Profitable Sales -
  • Evaluation of Business
  • Recommendations to Enhance Profitable Sales Growth
  • Identifying “Key Performance Indicators” (KPIs)
Driving ‘Responsible’ Business Growth -
  • Delivering consistent, profitable results
  • Developing a sales process to compliment your KPIs
Motivational Coaching 'With Substance' -
  • Individual or Group Settings
  • Are you clearly explaining to your team HOW to attain the results you desire?
  • Does your team understand the directions you are giving?
Retail Sales Training -
  • Ensuring a Great Customer Experience 100% of the Time
  • Training Sales Teams for Start-Ups & Growth Companies
  • Creating a Friendly & Welcoming Environment
Instructional Sessions Addressing -
  • Effective Employee Counseling
  • Effective Employee Coaching
  • Sales Training & Development
  • Asset Protection & Inventory Control
  • Merchandising & Store Display
Reducing Turnover & Enhancing Team Member Loyalty -
  • Defining the appropriate skill sets for your sales team.
  • How Do I Retain My Team?
  • How Do I Keep Them Motivated?

Executive Coaching & Career Progression Evaluation -

  • What defines me as a leader?
  • What are my differentiators?
  • What are the characteristics of a GREAT leader?

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